7in7 Year Two
Nomad House Request Form
October 11-15, 2017

What's Included?
5 days in the beautiful Sun and Co. coliving space in Jávea, Spain
Huge workspace w/ 300Mb wifi
Activities including morning yoga, paella and BBQ nights, and a paddleboarding trip
Cavort w/ an intimate group of 16 7in7-ers after the conference

More details at https://7in7.co/

The nomad house is US$367* per person
★ 10% discount when booked together with your 7in7 ticket ★
Only 3 spots left!

*includes 21% Spanish VAT
Let's Go!
Let's start with an easy one. What's your name? *

A quick heads up — you need to be attending 7in7 Year Two in order to come to the post-event nomad house.

If you need a ticket, click below and we'll bring you back here when you're done:
How many spots would you like to reserve? *

Spots will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. All rooms are double occupancy with shared bathrooms, but you can pay a single supplement if you want a room to yourself.
Do you want to pay a single supplement for an additional US$199*? *

You'll have an entire room to yourself. Pants-off dance-off any time of day!

*includes 21% Spanish VAT
Would you like us to arrange transportation to Sun and Co. for an additional fee? *

The 7in7 team will be going together on October 11, and we're happy to arrange the transfer for you to join us on our nomadic caravan! We'll keep costs as low as possible, and let you know the details in September.

If you'd prefer to get yourself to Jávea... we'll meet you there!
Anything else you want us to know? *

Want to share a room w/ your bestie? Have any allergies? Let us know what'll make you comfortable.

Write 'none' if you're good to go!
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Can't Wait!
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